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Thread: Kingdom Hearts Director Wants To Add Pixar

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    Default Kingdom Hearts Director Wants To Add Pixar

    Buzz Lightyear as a Kingdom Hearts character? Could happen.

    Longtime Kingdom Hearts veteran and co-director of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Tai Yasue told me at E3 this week that he'd love to take Sora and Riku through the wonderful worlds of Pixar's films. As a collaborative project between Square Enix and Pixar parent company Disney, Kingdom Hearts could definitely find its way into a setting like Wall-E or Cars.

    "Personally—and this isn't an announcement—I would really love to do a Pixar world," Yasue told me. "A lot of us do."

    "Any particular favorite Pixar world?" I asked. His answer: Toy Story.

    So maybe we'll get to see Sora and Riku fighting alongside Woody and Buzz in Kingdom Hearts III, whenever that comes out. If it ever comes out.
    I think that'd be pretty sweet, they'd fit in just fine.
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    Except it probably won't ever happen as it's been denied happening a bunch of times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax View Post
    Except it probably won't ever happen as it's been denied happening a bunch of times.
    Nope, where is your source? (As a Site Staff Leader on two websites that involve Kingdom Hearts, I'm wondering where you got your info)

    Nomura has stated numerous times that he wants to add Pixar worlds into the series. In Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix, there was a model of Buzz and Woody. Now, why would Square Enix/Disney model characters after Pixar worlds if they would never appear in the series? Also, Nomura is the main leader of the Kingdom Hearts series so his words are big. Now we have the director saying it.

    I'm 100% sure we'll see a Pixar world in Kingdom Hearts 3.
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