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Thread: The New Sonic Game 2013?

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    Default The New Sonic Game 2013?

    So, while on Facebook, the Sonic Adventure 3 page shared this link.

    Apparently this year's new Sonic game. It's in Japanese but there is a translation in that link.
    Or for easier reading here.

    Translation: Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 • Propel is a working title • been started at the beginning of the 360, PS3, Wii U version will start later • have been developed by Sonic Team Sonic Colors segment • No indication of being developed for the next Microsoft and Sony machines • Successful re-release of Sonic CD digital art direction inspired by the realistic, more of Propel • Model Sonic's slightly shorter repetition of classical and modern now, between the body and a rounded spine stiffer, and thin limbs, modify its contents, shorter • The slow movement for a more accurate distribution of more fine tuning, use the mechanics generation • modified hedgehog engine often running on better lighting and motion blur • Plot of minimum • The deployment Eggman each with the design and features five special metal Sonics, unique • We will restart Death Egg • significantly reduced dialogue, more action-based cut scenes • Eggman says more than the other characters. • focused on the exploration stage • act as a power-up option similar to trail you can "assist" characters hidden in the stage, open the secret path • Tails as Sonic 4, function ability assisting character fly • The progress at the level of the shadow branch Hedgehog style, it is not a multi-level access route by Hoop, goal • 3-level structure method. Your goal ring which has reached, we determine whether to initiate a position in the following method. Reached to the progress of the cut scenes and story of changing 3-Determination Act, which is the goal ring next step is changing the boss stage occurred slightly Challenge acts hidden • 3 per stage • Stage "Evergreen Escapade" first • require multiple theater take a different route to collect the Chaos Emeralds of options, all of them After the emerald has been collected, • Supersonic at all stages • All Emerald final battle secret has been collected, • You can disable difficulty modes Easy, Medium, Hard, bubble tips and warnings • 3DS version is being developed by Dimps • 3DS version, we use a completely new graphics engine • Shift to a segment of which is controlled 3D 2D, a touch pad on the main 3DS version • different storyline 3DS version • Alternate assist character Tails But in both versions of the edition 3DS,

    This is only a rumor and not yet confirmed right now.

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    Sonic Advance trilogy, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors and Sonic Boom Fire & Ice should be on PC.

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    Not sure if this is very believable but I'd be happy if it was, I'd really like to see the CD artstyle again...if that's what the translation meant

    Plot of minimum
    Oh well :v

    ​not like anyone plays Sonic for story It'd be neat if anybody decided to check out Mr Badger's sound~ >:C

    Or better yet my new frubetube account

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    It's a stupid word. I hate it.


    This was confirmed to be a hoax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonicsBiggestFan View Post
    This was confirmed to be a hoax.
    And a social experiment.
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    Yeah it's a fake rumor

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow the Hedgehog View Post
    Where's that DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald?
    Quote Originally Posted by Vector View Post
    Find the computer room!
    Looks like it's not easy to find a Chaos Emerald!

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    How many Sonics you need to make you happy?
    What about Shenmue?
    What about Otogi?
    What about JSRF?
    What about other million games sega as been made?
    Not count anymore?

    Donīt Let Dreams be Dreams! Yesterday you sad it tomorow.
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    I will remove this after JSRF being released.

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    If this does come out for 3ds I will probably buy it

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    I really hope Sonic Adventure 3 comes out soon...

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    They released a Sonic racing game.
    Here's the link:

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