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Thread: Shenmue 3 all purpose comments and news thread

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    Recapping updates #76, #77 and #78 since i was gone

    Update #76-Introducing Deep sliver partnership and there involvement

    Deep slivers are now partners with shenmue 3 and will be working only on the promotion and sales departments side of things. In this update they also state that they will not do updates often like they do every month and they want to try and push media and events to give us better information.

    Link to update #76:

    Update #77- New character and Introduction of the Lakshya Digital partnership and details of there involvement.

    Lakshya Digital is a studio in India that has done a few projects in the past, There involvement Is going to be focusing on character production. Simply put there going to work on the npc's to make the world full of life.

    (My opinion)- This is a good thing because it lets the shenmue 3 team focus more on the story, voice acting lines, ect.

    Temple maiden in full 3d( she was only concept art before in a past update)

    Link to update #77:

    Update #78- Interview with Yu Suzuki and Hiroaki Takeuch

    Heres a video of the interview between Yu Suzuki and Hiroaki Takeuch about shenmue 3 development so far

    Heres the video

    Link to update #78:

    About the puzzle bit Yu Suzuki was talking about. It was a translation error and phantom river stone in there article has a better translation of what Yu suzuki was really talking about.

    Link to phantom river stone version of the update:
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    Other kinda old shenmue related news

    Sega of japan partnered with yokosuka tourism and has released a Shenmue "Sacred Spot" Guide Map to promote tourism in Yokosuka

    Theres also an English version for you to print out if your interested in seeing it

    Heres the link to the English map:

    Heres the interview by phantom river stone on how the shenmue scared spot map came to be.

    Link to the shenmue scared spot map interview:

    Pictures of the english version of the shenmue scared spot map

    Yu suzuki 2017 end of the year comment interview by

    Link the the article is here:

    IGN Japan interview with Cedric Biscay about shenmue 3

    Heres a translated link to the article by phantom river stone:
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    New 2018 shenmue 1 &2 Hd rumors (Please keep in mind its only rumor nothing confirmed)

    The story to this is i believe has reported in the past that shenmue 1 and 2 hd was real and they had sources that it was true and now this current article states that sega holding back there announcement for shenmue 1 and 2 hd because of the delay of shenmue 3.

    Link to source

    My opinions on this rumor is i feel like sega has shenmue 1 and 2 ready its just a matter of time. In the past they talked about the reason they are having trouble with shenmue 1 and 2 is the licencing deal they need to redo. Have they gotten that issue fixed idk. I'm really hoping they push shenmue 1 and 2 out before shenmue 3.

    New 2018 shenmue 3 screenshots from magic monaco press conference

    Ryo and shenhua

    A look at the buildings and its details from the outside

    Boat Docks

    Shenmue 3 confirmed to be at magic monaco 2018

    This event begins on febuary 24 so mark your calenders. There going to discuss the development of shenmue 3 so far and fingers crossed hopefully they show some in game footage.

    If you haven't already please read my past 2 post. One is on the shenmue 3 updates 76, 77 and 78 and the other is on other shenmue related things that is very interesting. Thats all they news i have for you guys for now.
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    update #79 yu suzuki will be at magic monaco 2018

    As stated in my last post yu suzuki is going to be at magic monaco febuary 24 to talk about shenmue 3 and hopefully we will get new screenshots and progress trailers.

    Link to update #79:

    i know some shenmue fansite are planing on doing interviews with yu suzuki once again and i can't wait.

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