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Thread: Shenmue 3 all purpose comments and news thread

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    Team yu interviewing CÚdric Biscay about shenmue 3

    I think cedric biscay is such a cool and nice guy.

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    shenmue 3 kickstarter update 74

    link to update 74:

    Basically in this update yu suzuki enjoyed his time at gamescom and enjoyed meeting the fans. Now for the meat and potatoes of the update which is new development pictures of Ryo.

    New development pictures of Ryo

    I think this actually looks good. People like the updated face but theres some who say ryo head is too big and that ryo looks a little fat. I think his head is fine as for him looking fat, i'd agree he does look a bit fat but hey in my opinion hes looking good so far.
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    shenmue dojo interview

    link to interview:
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    More articles today

    Been trying to read the 500k interview but i think theres high traffic on the site so you must keep trying to refresh the page.

    Euro gamer interview
    Link to interview:

    Shenmue 500k interview
    Link to interview:

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    Anyome noticed etailers listing shenmue 1 & 2 for PS4 over the weekend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishNpeas View Post
    Anyome noticed etailers listing shenmue 1 & 2 for PS4 over the weekend?
    Currently its a rumor. I'm not getting my hopes up until sega announces it themselves.

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    New article today and its not an interview this time lol.

    YS Net Studio got a visit by Koch Media(parent company to publishing label Deep Silver)

    Heres a link to the article:

    Simple article but hey its nice to see people complementing the progress of the game.

    Im late on reporting this but an Easter egg was found by shenmueforever in the shenmue 3 teaser trailer

    Niao Sun and Lan Di himself can be spotted in this trailer at the 0.33-0.34 you must slow it down. Heres a picture to make it easier for you to see it

    Picuture of Niao sun and Lan Di in top Left corner

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    Shenmue 3 Kickstarter update number #75 (Facial Animations )

    Today we get a small video showing facial animations with what maybe npcs that are running around. It looks pretty good but i got to see more.

    phantom river stone translated a bit of the dialog the npc were saying(Mini spoiler warning).

    Now the translated dialog is nothing to serious when it comes to spoilers in my opinion but i put spoilers there in case people want nothing with the story revealed in terms on dialog. I'll post a link to there website article below.

    phantom river stone translation article:

    Concerning the backer survey

    In this update they mention the the backer survey will need more time to be worked on before they send it out.

    Link to the whole kickstarter update number #75:
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