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Thread: Can anyone name this arcade game?

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    Default Can anyone name this arcade game?

    I need the help of someone who knows a LOT about gaming for this one. When I was younger I used to frequent an arcade with a 4-player beat-em-up that I do not remember the name of. The game had an intro with an animated skyline and text which explained that crime had brought the city to shambles. The end of the paragraph stated "nobody can stop them... Except YOU!" and the it showed animations of the four main characters (the playable characters)Training/working out. The characters were three men and a woman. I do not believe it was streets of rage, I do not remember the same
    Intro being on streets of rage, and the characters were different.
    Does anyone recall the
    Title of this game?

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    Does it look more like Double Dragon or Pit Fighter?

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    Streets of rage never came to arcades it was a genesis game series final fight was the arcade game.

    pit fighter and double dragon 1 is not 4 player

    the only double dragon game with 4 people other than the fighting game is arcade double dragon 3.

    You will also have to say what this woman looks like and the year you played it since you have just said the story line and intro of just about every double dragon and final fight clone ever made and weather it is was fantasy or sci fi themed looked 8 or 16 bit or street fighter 2 levels of detail or along the lines of bucky o hare or ninja turtles arcade colors and sprite details or looked like it was running the neo geo hardware.

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