One of the keys to the success of the Kingdom Conquest series is the beautiful Monster and Commander card art. As such, the KC Community Team is thrilled to have the opportunity to get some time with Jun Yukawa, the Lead Artist on Kingdom Conquest II. Read on as we dive into card creation and developing dungeon monsters.

1. Thanks for taking some time to chat with us. Could you define your role here at SEGA?
My name is Jun Yukawa, I am currently the Lead Artist for Kingdom Conquest II.

2. How did you get into the video game industry? Was it always something you wanted to do, or did it come about unexpectedly?
I participated in SEGA’s company orientation during college, and as a result I became interested in the video game industry. However, at that point in college I was majoring in Industrial Design, so you could say that I went in a very different direction.

3. What do you like best about your work on Kingdom Conquest II?
I really enjoyed the City switch from 2D to 3D, from the KCI to KCII. When the City screen was transformed into a 3D environment, this was one of the biggest changes to the game. In addition, this was one of the parts I spent many restless nights on. I strongly feel that this change in the City screen left an impact on players, compared to the previous title.

4. How has the art direction evolved from Kingdom Conquest to Kingdom Conquest II?  
The specs of smartphones have increased compared to the previous title, and the art has evolved in various parts of the game. As stated earlier, the City screen changed to a full 3D environment. In addition, the dungeon exploration changed to a “third person camera”, giving a more up-close view and a more personal dungeon exploration experience.

5. Where do you gain inspiration when creating new Monsters and Commanders?
Because KCII is a sequel to KCI, a lot involved taking cards from the previous title and adding richness to the images. One could say that the previous title was the biggest influence. A lot of the art in the game was first compared to the previous title and changed accordingly to fit within KCII.

6. Do you have any general guidelines for creating monsters for dungeons? Are there recurring features?
When creating monsters for the dungeons, the color is much more vivid and noticeable than the player character textures. This is so that players are able to differentiate them on a smart phone screen.

7. How long does it take you to create 3D-modeled dungeon monster? How much longer does it take to create a dungeon boss?
Creating one monster for the dungeon exploration part takes about 3 days. Boss monsters can take anywhere between 5 to 10 days.

8. If you could create a new Monster Race for Kingdom Conquest 2, what would you make?
Perhaps a “Divinity Race” since Demons already exist in KCII. If we were to go through and create a brand new race, we would need to create brand new monsters and commanders to go along with it. This in itself is a pretty big task.

9. What other games or notable projects have you worked on?
I have mainly worked on sports games that are known within Japan, but I have not worked much on foreign titles. However, I have worked on “Super Monkey Ball 2” for the Nintendo GameCube a while back.

10. If you could play only one game for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?
It would likely be “Itadaki Street” from Square Enix. This is most likely known as “Fortune Street” overseas, and is being sold by Nintendo. The game has a feel similar to Monopoly with easy to learn rules. The board changes according to the stage and the strategies that are involved when playing against other players are very well thought out. This game would likely be a game I could keep playing for a very long time.

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