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Thread: Your Random Thoughts of the Day Thread!

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    I wish I could speak my thoughts, but as of today, my parents sold my birth rights to the Walt Disney corporation.
    And they've said I can't speak words that are beyond the PG-13 rating.

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    I think i found out why my grandma had kidney rocks removed she just bought 2 of 1 gallon milks and shes just visiting thats messed up diet shes 80 years old and still she has diabetes all these years since in her 30's thats 50 years of diabetes and she kinda fat too
    my world records you have to scroll all the way down to check my world records scores on second and third link Episode II - Special.;Episode II - Scores;Episode I - Scores(few of my) records have been beaten im a microsoft fan

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    if u listen to lossy music you are an audio peasant.

    if you only listen to lossless music you are part of the audiophile master race.
    Goodbye my friends, Goodbye to the many,
    Adieu to the ****ers that think that it's funny.
    I just wanna turn the lights on in these volitile times.
    I just wanna turn my life off in these volitile times.

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    I feel like my family has always been a bit behind the times, technologically, and I just never put it together until recently.

    We deliberately got our first car with crank windows, and this was in 2003. We still put clothes on the clothesline when it's warmer. We have never owned a microwave. We never had cable when that was still popular. We've always had new-ish game consoles, but not the newest ones (like my brother and I got our PS2 well into the PS3 years). My mom has never even had a FB, and none of us uses Snapchat or Instagram except my brother. We get DVDs from Netflix more than we stream on it. I still use my late-2000s iPod nano, synced to iTunes, as my principal music device. We even had a black and white TV in my parents' room until 2014 or so, when the picture got grainy enough that we could no longer watch it comfortably.

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