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Thread: Your Random Thoughts of the Day Thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dx11332 View Post
    I only drink soda in the morning while the rest of the day I drink water I lose 1 or 2 pounds a day if i do what i do though mostly 1.8 pounds almost 2 pounds a day though my mom brings food from my grandma and my mom tries to fatten me which is why it takes me time to upload a video if i dedicate my routine of losing 1.9 pounds everyday I'd be skinny in a way but my mom keeps bringing food though if i follow your routine I might lose 4 pounds a day with exercise. also what types of fat burning foods are there? would like to try some ^_^

    Edit i also need some sugar if i go strictly water i might die because low sugar = death from diabetes type 2 and also should not get alot of sugar which is also bad soda drinking 2 times in one day is good then i take a piece a candy because i drink water in lunch and dinner because i mentioned my routine here
    You can get sugar from other foods like fruits. Good fruits for diabetics are apples, oranges, berries, and peaches because they are low glycemic index fruits.. Soda isn't helping you with controlling you blood sugar because it has no fiber. Fiber helps you control your blood sugar. You need to eat more food that comes from natural sources and avoid packaged junk food. You also need to cut out all the soda from the diet. Fat burning foods are usually foods that provide a decent amount of protein and they are usually from natural sources. Try eating more lean meats like Salmon, Tuna, Turkey, and Chicken. Eat eggs, nuts, spinach, beans, greek yogurt, peanut butter, etc. It's important that you add some much needed nutrition into your diet if you are concerned about managing your diabetes. You are still young so you can easily manage the disease better.

    Also, i'm not sure how you got that you can lose 4 pounds a day unless you are just talking about water weight. I never heard of a person losing 4 pounds a day, however that can usually happen if a person is morbidly obese.  30777

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    post by ys is the most pertinent there, it's about discipline and self-restraint.
    dieting advice is as helpful as a root canal extraction on healthy teeth.
    individual metabolism renders any null and void, it HAS to be tailored so specifically, there's an entire con artist field in selling koolaid to the congregation.
    if you can afford a medical professionals advice and current diagnosis, take it, get a second opinion with that.
    also, your body is the alarm bell, NEVER do anything to it, even if doc advises.
    your instincts come first, they don't live in your guts, ergo, know nothing of your state or ever could.
    if the advice is sound, good.
    then again, docs are useless in the face of the internet, free info and self-diagnosis will save tonnes of money.
    back to ys's bit, roll back on the intake, and increase physical exertions to offset intake.
    no special diet is required.
    if you hardly eat anything, and still packing it on regardless, could be a thyroid gland issue?
    so, there you have it dx, all the best.
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    I stopped drinking Soda 1.5 years ago, I mean I still drinkink it, but thatís once every other month and just a small sip of it, 90% of the time itíll leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth as well so Iím glad I dropped that nasty mix of artificially made ingredients
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yee
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    Quote Originally Posted by dx11332 View Post
    Umm Pandachao can you tell me which eating fat Burning nutricinious foods are available ?
    I take exercise enhancers myself. Multiplies calories burned and fat lost from literally everything you do. I've gone down soooo many clothes sizes and I'm loving it.

    Side affects... well I have become so obsessed with staying thin and getting even thinner that I don't eat as much as I should, even though I didn't change my diet at all to loose as much as I did at the time. But that's more my psychological state and not the enhancers themselves.

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