This interview is a fun one! We have the pleasure of asking Kingdom Conquest II’s Yoshiharu “Mr. KC” Kayanuma some questions. If you’re not familiar with him, Mr. KC is our resident Kingdom Conquest II Arena expert, and he writes analyses in the Arena reports that follow each Arena Event (such as the latest MWC 2013 Preliminary Tournament Arena Report). He knows all about the stats in Arenas, is very knowledgeable about the game, and has agreed to give us some insight into his knowledge well!

1. Let’s start with the basics… How did you get involved in the video game industry and working at SEGA?
I was originally a director for a different game company. After I gained some experience, I joined SEGA as a Project Manager.

2. Did your unique Kingdom Conquest persona (Mr. KC) exist prior to 2011? We assume you came into existence when the original Kingdom Conquest was launched.
I gave myself this name when the Arena feature was introduced for Kingdom Conquest II, and wanted to give players more ways to enjoy the game.

3. How did you come to be so knowledgeable about Kingdom Conquest, and particularly PvP in Arena?
The development team has a "Unit Simulator" on hand. The team uses this tool to simulate ideal unit compositions, or recreate units that are being used in top tier Arena battles. Whenever a new monster or commander is released, I always go directly to the Unit Simulator to do some research.

4. What has your experience in writing for the Arena Reports been like? Have you learned anything interesting?
I began writing the Arena Report as a way to better inform players, and give them something to look forward to. There's always a certain level of expectation on what kind of monster card will be used for a particular Arena Event. I am, however, always surprised in the creativity of how cards are being used in ways that I never thought was possible. Players are also never afraid to use the new commanders who are given out as a reward. It's great to see these commanders being put to immediate use, and I enjoy seeing how they are being used. What monsters and commanders I choose to deploy, and what strategy is behind the composition is always based on thorough research.

5. As a follow up to the previous question, is there anything in particular that surprised you about how something happened in an Arena event?
I was given the opportunity to look at data of what skills are being used in "Arena Report Vol. 3". I was blown away! The development team and I are always looking forward to seeing skills and commands being used in ways we never thought possible.

6. Do you have a single piece of golden advice for PvPers in Kingdom Conquest?
Imagining what kind of role each monster will have is a great way to create your unit. I always recommend the "C Viper". At first sight, its base parameters are relatively low from other creatures. It has low ATK and DEF, so it's not that great of a fighter, and gets taken out easily. One thing people forget is that the "C Viper" has 1 Cost, 2 Range, and "Hysteric Hold" as the first skill. This creature is a great supporter in stopping any monster dead in their foot tracks. Plus, having only "1 Cost" gives more flexibility in adding in other monsters with higher cost. Just as long as "Hysteric Hold" activates, any monster regardless of race, rarity, or cost is frozen. You can say that this creature is a highly effective creature.

Thinking like this is a good way to imagine each of your monster's roles, and how you can win battles. Don't forget when creating your units to see what its weaknesses are. I also recommend using units that you're most comfortable with, rather than always trying to find patterns of other players, and thinking how to beat them.

Try and found out the monster's specialty first, then learn what its skill is good for.

Make sure that you are always up to date in knowing the latest monsters, skills, and commanders. I believe the best and most important advice is to try things out on your own, and learn from the results that come out of battles. Another great first step would be to check the battle reports after each battle. Try to find out how each monster, skill, commander, and command contributed to the battle.

7. You’re also involved in planning the Magna World Championship. What was that experience like?
I was responsible for planning the MWC 2013 event. Players were not able to battle other players in different worlds for the original Kingdom Conquest. I wanted to know for myself, who was the best original Kingdom Conquest player for the longest time, and I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to find out for Kingdom Conquest II. Of course, distance was a big factor in this event, and it was unfortunate that players from Western countries were unable to join. We're hoping that the next big tournament will be structured in a way so that everyone from anywhere in the world can join.

8. Did you learn anything unexpected through MWC2013, or were there certain expectations you had that were fulfilled as the competition went on?
The number of expected Wi-Fi users went well beyond our expectations, and caused a bit of a delay in starting the tournament. We're really sorry for making the participants and spectators wait. We were expecting replies from around 10 teams to the finals. This number also went well beyond our expectations, and narrowing down the teams was a very painstaking process. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to join the finals next time. With that said, MWC will always be an evolving event, and we are looking forward to more participants for the next tournament.

9. If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, which game would you choose?
Kingdom Conquest II, of course. After all, Mr. KC is who I am, and KC II is what I do.

10. And last question… who would you rather spend a day as - Sonic The Hedgehog, Tails “Miles” Prower, or Knuckles?
That's a really tough question. I'd love to run extremely fast like Sonic, but I'd love to fly like Tails. Of course, being able to climb walls like Knuckles is always a great perk to have. Since speed is such a key element in KCII, I'm going to have to go with Sonic.

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