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Thread: About "New Sega System" threads

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    Default About "New Sega System" threads

    SEGA has been in the industry for a very long time. The most remembered stretch of time in their enduring history, were the days in which they sold propriety consoles. Everybody here is a fan of some SEGA platform and we all can remember how much fun they have been. As well intentioned as they are, threads about the creation of new SEGA platforms, are begining to irritate other posters. In all truth, there have been countless threads on the subject for the past four years. SEGA dropped the Dreamcast in 2001. The last (domestic) Dreamcast game came out in 2002. It is soon to be four years ago, that SEGA has officially removed themselves from the console manufacturing side of the market. We would all love nothing more than to see SEGA return, but until they announce otherwise, it isn't likely to happen. So please refrain from creating threads about the subject, as it has been done too many times over, in the past.
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    If people would like to join in a speculation discussion, please do so in the following thread:

    All other threads will be locked or moved. Thanks everyone!


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