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Thread: Major Lag since Ep3 Update

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    Default Major Lag since Ep3 Update

    I've been having extremely bad lag, mainly in EQs, since the Episode 3 update. I mean really bad, to the point where the boss dies, but then instantly we're back on the campship. Has anyone else has this kind of lag since the update and how do I fix it? Btw, I just got a new computer and this lag happens on it too. So don't blame my PC, it's even better than my old one.

    Other people say its been happening to them on forums, but in game I feel like it only happens to me. I can't play EQs anymore because of this, I just get stuck in lag limbo.

    Edit: Ok... it happens on Falz Arms... but not Elder. Same thing for Luther too. Odd right?
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    I only lag when entering the lobby, other than that, it seems fine.


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