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Thread: Attacking Arenas / Strategies and Monsters

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    Default Attacking Arenas / Strategies and Monsters

    This Thread will look at the way people play arena and how to succeed without needing crazy monster combos that rely on skill cubes or "gimmicks" like all light and light chain (very effective but we aren't all so lucky). I will do over several things i do which i find help me succeed from monsters, skills, leader skills and in game tips.

    Firstly Lets looks at choosing your team to fight, e.g. the opponent your going to tackle;
    Firstly everyone limit will carry to what you can take on. But there are some oddities you'll find when playing. A lot of 7 round arena teams aren't that strong a few initial round are tough but after they ain't that bad, lots of filler and no teeth. This is particularly true of player who are ranked anything above 200th, they often lack the full set of lvl 65 isn monsters. So don't be too scared about what you try to face down.

    Secondly consider your leader;
    This is more important than you might think it's good to have a strong synergy between it and your team and those in your friend list. I personally have a large number of minion type monsters and as such my friends list contains a reasonable higher number also, thus my leader tends to be a minion with a skill that effects other minions.

    Great leader skills though not common are;
    Initiative; big plus in arena is almost always 1 dead rounds and free coins afterwards, can be a make or break ability for lower level teams is you are lucky enough to have it.

    Share; Again to too common but another massive bonus to a synergised team, put the leader in a strong cube collecting spot and it will share the love. This will allow you to have more skills avitive more often for less cubes which is always good.

    Shower; Good but not as useful as the above, give you a possible 50 coin to start the round. Benefits speak for themselves

    Braveheart; Live with 1 hp never bad but loosing out if your not getting there.

    Fire and upwards, Dance & Vendetta any damage increase / Any Hp increase;
    I find these more useful on my friend monster, the boost is nice but the others are nicer to guarantee, each has benefits and downsides but a flat boost is good and the more synergy you have the more you'll feel it.

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    Thirdly Monster Skills;

    This is a tricky one, at the moment arena is very highly tuned either way, monsters hit hard but die fast and so do you. Lots of skills will seem more useful than other but in my experience careful play and strong levelled monsters wins out of which skills you pick.

    Thats being said this is my bread and butter combo, power pusher and coin share, good on their own and a destructive rolling combo together than can clear several round in one go. I find power pusher more advantageous over its high end cousins for a few small reasons, 1 it's available on R monsters one you can get in story and has great stats, 2 it's easier to rank up, 3 it's not so out of control divine pusher will often scatter coins and bombs making them hard to plan out and during the interim periods or round can clear all your coin leaving you very vulnerable in arena, especially true for end pusher.

    What to look for when chosen your skills, are they strong on their own? no point running combo skills, if you don't get the combo you could easily die. If it's strong alone can it be pair with other strong skill? Is it worth the stats on the monster?

    Skills I like to use that aren't crazy SR or UR only;
    Reflect; Take no damage, good since it can block many arena skills, like ejectors and the damage increases. But beware spamming and setting of more problematic skills like towers of penalty.

    Coin Share; Great all round to damage and combo increase, yes it's SR but Joker and Dragons have it both pretty common now in friends or own collection. Beware it's use with confused minions it might end you.

    Power pusher; More coins down the front is more damage, more controlled than others and easy to get, it can allow you to clear bombs if needed and knock down the trouble towers.

    Heals; Not a massive fan of these but they can be useful

    Threaten; Great ability but none to common, stopping abilities is great but hit it before the round starts and no more bombs.

    Any +coins style; these are good for gaining lots of free coins in a pinch and double walls good for removing bombs if used well and avoid outer two monster if they are confused.

    Power booster, elements boost and colour boost; All fairly solid if you have the coins and good to use with big hitters to nuke priority targets.

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    Choosing you monsters;
    This will rely of course on which monster you have and their synergy but here are a few guide i use when making my team;
    Either get a good range of elements or use shadow, light and null. This covers you for almost any monster type you face and null copes with colour guard too.

    Mix up the attack charges, it's good to have a mis of 1-3 charge monsters and timing them can be good for dealing with tough skill such a GBOGH and 10 hit limit. I use a 2, FR, 1 , 3 and 3 which works well.

    Monster Order; I like have a low charge, prefer 1 in the centre spot this is good for racking up the combos for big hits with the other. But you also need to consider the skills each monster has, i'm lucky that my 1 cost monster also has coin share so dead centre fits it best, but either side will also work for coin and prime skill dependant monster too. I find also skill cubs like to congregate on the edge so my pusher monster and dame boost monster sit here. More timed skills and now always active skills i sit either side in the 2 and 4 slot.

    Charge and Attack; It's good to use the toughest monster you have, i find for no SR monsters Fiends are often some of the highest ranked R+ monster even beating SR+ monsters. Picking monster with strong attack and high HP is often more vital than combing skills.

    My current team uses mainly SR monsters; 36 Centurion 2 charge light, Friend Monster, 45 Apocalypse 1 charge Null, 35 Tartarus 3 charge shadow and 35 Don Quixote 3 charge grass.
    As you can see not all that high level and the skills of centurion is a boost in damage for it and tartarus and tartarus skill effects only itself, none of these skills are direct counters to emery skills, and only really power pusher counters any skills. It just uses a good set of strong monsters with a good mix of elements, monster type synergy, mix of charges and strong attack values.

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    Now for the tricky part, and here other people can join in and give tips.

    In Game strategies, how to deal with the enemy team;
    This first and most important thing is working out you kill preferences, this get much easier over time as you identify which monster can do what and learn the problem cases. With my knowledge of the game i go though a basic process.

    1. is the skill already active and if so is killing the monster going to stop it?
    For things like bombs the answer is no, it on the stage killing that monster won't help anything but reducing the damage incoming, but you won't be spamming coin so that should be low on your priorities. If the skill is active like colour guard or some of the others which start as the round does, is it causing you and big problems killing the others? often the answer will be no. For here you can look at the other monsters in play who's skills aren't active yet.

    If there are none and all skills are active at the start simply pick lowest attack charge and try to kill all without being hit. Swap target on colour guard for monster that will deal full damage.

    2. This is where knowing the monster and it's skill / or an open wiki page is kinda needed. Top priority (this should all happen before the monsters are hit to be safe) identify GBOGH and 10 hit limit monsters, DO NOT HIT THESE unless you already have a rolling combo of 5 or more. These monsters don't trigger their abilities till you hit them so if you let it sleep you can kill the other to build combos and drop coins then ideally turn round with a strong 3 charge monster on a combo and one shot the little dock sucker!!! This is key to beating this particular skill set, allowing the monster to tigger it skill can wipe your team.

    Also note if using share abilities monster which are triggered by coins into the shared monster attack in unison and as such all hit together before the skills trigger meaning they ignore the 5 combo requirement for that hit. So in short LEARN THESE FEW MONSTERS AND STRIKE WHEN YOU ARE READY do not be hasty and let them trigger before you are going to deal with them, leave them be and switch to them when you can take em.

    3. Now the hardest skills are taken into account and those monsters are no getting hurt and not using their skill you need to consider if you can allow the other skills to trigger which rely on having the monster attack to start it. These are most importantly Narcissist (all attack is 0 till this monster attacks), Trouble Towers, Tiny Silver, revive and Great collapse. Others will important are only on concern if on low HP, then why you letting the monster attack, or make very little difference to you.

    Narcissist is something, like most of these, you can in the right situation turn to you advantage to drop more coin and have other monster not hurt you. But often this monster should be destroyed before attacking.

    Trouble Towers is more easily abused, set up the kill with monster flying in to attack and then you can trigger this and get free coins. If the monster is not about to die avoid letting this trigger, it will often wipe you, or require a extending pusher skill to destroy.

    Great Collapse, agains avoid it triggering, unless you got 2 bombs going for gold best to get your coins safe.

    Tiny Silver, again avoid if possible though with it being the only monster left and if low hitter spamming lots of condensed coins can be fun for big hits later.

    Revive, Basically don't let this trigger or beware monster which will do extra damage if the are revived.

    Other than these most other trigger abilities aren't that bad and can be picked off as a lower priority.

    Learn the skills it's the biggest advantage you can have.
    Choose your targets, pick of monsters based on skill, weakness and coins left. Most often no skill tiggered is best.
    Avoid using skills as a hard counter if possible, best to save them for if time are harder, use the worst option first.
    GBOGH can be countered, switch targets and trigger it on your terms the kill is easy if you plan it out.
    Bombs happen you can direct them with coins, but killing their monster ain't gonna stop the bomb leave them till later
    Be sparing with your coins, kill monster with low attack charges if a higher priority isn't there.

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    This is a helpful list of strategies that parallels what I've been doing in the Arena, and a good start to the discussion. Thanks for putting it up.

    If you press and hold on an opposing monster, it will tell you what skill it has. It's a lot quicker than checking the wiki.
    This is the first thing I do when a new round comes up and I haven't seen the monster before.


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