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Thread: Finally PSO2

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    Default Finally PSO2

    Greetings every1 devmen here finally i got PSO2 after years of trying. i was wondering if i can meet some friends on there that can show me the ropes only if your free ofc. when i 1st played the game it was simply beautiful. the graphics,gameplay, and controls are all smooth. i'd like to meet ppl to run with, find rare weapons, items, and pretty much any other items so far i have made a techer newman she's lvl 2 but my main (which i didnt know you can only make 2 free characters) is a cast ranger i think she's lvl 15 i believe. looking forward to meeting every1 good hunting to all oh wait i forgot my characters names silly me. Armrei is the 1 i'll be on mostly i like using guns. Remember the old saying from PSU CAST SUPREMACY. i don't know if it applies to PSO2 but oh well lol.

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    i hate to point ya there but you'll more than likely be looking for your friends on psow if they dont lurk here once and awhile. gl in the pso2 life, its somewhat rare and unless your with the lobby rats or block 20 you dont see people saying cast supremacy much or if at all. i do remember seeing a poorly made cast supremacy Simple Art though
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    Quote Originally Posted by devmen View Post
    Remember the old saying from PSU CAST SUPREMACY. i don't know if it applies to PSO2 but oh well lol.
    Fun fact: PSO2 CASTs were weakling fleshies that needed a good enough body to be able to use their photon affinity in a safe way. They are also brainwashed in the process so they don't even know if the transformation was voluntary. When I learned it I could only laugh at the CAST SUPREMACISTS LOL
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    Only good "Cast" is a HUcast with L&K 14 Combats with high Hit % :P

    Joke aside, you'd have more luck finding peeps for PSO 2 on PSO:W than mere I'm afraid.
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    I hope you have better luck than the most of us.

    Ah, wow. Its been ages sins I heard,"PSU CAST SUPREMACY."

    Good times, good times.

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    Dev, what ship are you on? Most of the english community is on ship 2 right now. I played PSU on xbox with you btw :P.


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