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Thread: Thunder Pits Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.O.B=ME View Post
    I never thought to use Team Counter for arena because I'm almost positive that the enemy monsters will be a skill seal. I was a little hesitant about using Share The Wealth because of the 10 hit limit enemy skill. One setup that worked for me from left to right:

    XVIII Moon
    XI Strength
    Typhon *Leader*

    Activating Moon before the mission actually starts helped me beat the confusion/divider/plague/sleep bombs and funnel a skill box into each monster. I messed up and took a little longer than I wanted to and I almost missed the box for Hippo.
    Skill Seal isn't a problem if you have Terrorize on and you can just spam coins through every round with Terrorize and Team Counter on unless the monsters you face have high ATK power (if this happens use Team Cleave with Team Counter and getting hit once will do major damage to the enemies). 10 Hit Limit isn't a problem either if you focus on taking it out first. Here's my setup from left to right:

    Team Cleave (Pirate King, Hermit, or Beauty/Beast) or Hercules based on preference.
    Team Counter (Yamato, Red Riding Hood, or Enma)
    Apocalypse (leader)

    For the next arena, just try it. I guarantee that you will like it. (PS. I usually spam coins with 4 fingers and it takes about 3 seconds for the enemies to land a hit so if you start the next round with 3 secs on Team Counter, you're good for one more activation.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanda360 View Post
    I'm not sure whether leveling up my Ziz is really worth it. Having the enemies sleep longer can be beneficial, but I find that they are woken up by being hit well before the timer runs out.
    I've been thinking about it further (ended up with slvl 10 and slvl 5 Zizes), but it occurred to me that a poor man's stop can be achieved with both Sleep and Paralyze. Only down side being that it only applies to the one wave and takes up two monsters, but if you're good with your cubes then it could be quite useful.

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