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Thread: Game doesn't start. Goes directly to home screen.

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    Question Game doesn't start. Goes directly to home screen.

    Today when I tried to start Dragon Coins, it would open up past the Sega screen for a split second before going back to the home screen. I haven't tried to uninstall yet because I don't remember my user ID. I've already asked for it before in Jan for an unrelated issue and I don't want to have to bug customer service to give it to me again (and I lost the original email >.<). So I've been kinda avoiding that troubleshooting step.
    Maybe someone can assist with this? I can't remember if it's an update that caused it to go wonky but I remember it was working about 2 weeks ago.
    I use it on a HTC One 8m running stock android 5.0.1.

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    This happened to me when my work wifi stopped working so I would say it has something to do with poor internet connection

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    Yeah, on iPhone at least I get a hard crash if I don't have internet access; guessing that is what is going on here as well. Try disabling wi-fi and connecting with cellular data and see if it makes a difference.
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    Hi Dragon Masters,

    You can always check your User ID by tapping Misc on the menu at the bottom of the screen. Then tap Data Backup to confirm your Game ID. If you have not created a password, you will need to do that first (which will appear on the screen after you tap Data Backup.)

    The Devs have not experienced the problem you mentioned above. If it persists, please contact Customer Support at this link and fill them in on the details.


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