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    Lightbulb Team comp

    This thread serves the purpose of sharing team comps you find effective and asking questions about possible combos.

    I'll start by talking about my team. It is made of Baron, Ziz and Koryu. The last slot is occupied by an SR that doesn't really fit since i am a new player. I would add a Tezcatlipoca if possible. The strategy consists on using sleep+charge to mimic stop with a slightly longer duration (and no need for UR). Piston pusher is self explanatory as well as light link.

    There are two things i am not sure about in this team: firstly does light link have it's effect during charge or upon release (can't test since i do not have it). The second question is if beast inferno is always better than beast dance, it does say massive instead of greatly.

    I would appreciate any return. Feel free to post about your own decks and combos

    PS: i actualy have the unevolved version of the cards for now.

    EDIT: just realized silrn did pretty much the same strategy.

    EDIT: light link has the effect when charge is released, like anything that gives extra attacks.
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    My team from left to right

    empress III, beauty and beast, apocalypse(leader) Gilamesh, friend

    i swap out gila for wave dragon and take a friend's monster with stop on super hard missions, when coin share, team cleave and all high power just isn't enough
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    I would love to join in on this but have no team is there anyway i can join one of your teams?

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    I doubt either member will respond. The last reply to this thread was a year and a half ago and neither poster has been active from between one and two years, so I am going to close this.


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