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Thread: You have a special offer in the shop. (Always times out/connection?)

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    Default You have a special offer in the shop. (Always times out/connection?)

    Hey there,

    New to the game, still first week, and having mixed feeling for sure; as most new things comes ups and downs.

    One issue that has been bugging me for the first several days is that only 1 function refuses to work for my game. That function is the Rainbow coins tab in the shop.

    It always shows the dragon head and connecting, yet doesn't move past that point. (sorry! unable to connect -ect)

    Irony has it that is where you buy coins, and if I click on a an item requiring more rainbow tickets then I have, and prompt to buy* throws me back to the same screen and the problem repeats.

    Has anyone else encountered this an know of a solution?

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    I haven't heard of that happening constantly, you don't really get much of an official reply on these forums though so you best bet is to go to the SEGA america website and lodge a ticket about a fault with the game, you generally will get a response from them that way


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