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Thread: Marwolaeth Comes Event

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    Default Marwolaeth Comes Event

    April 6 - April 9, 2015

    Legendary Mission: Battle legendary monsters to earn Skill Souls, Gold Coins and XP! This event is a special expansion to the story missions and will challenge even the most skilled Coin Master.

    Collect all the gems in the missions and earn 50 rainbow coins! These missions are available until 6PM PST, Thursday April 9, 2015.

    See all the details on the wiki:

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    Weird seeing a R level skill like Counter especially when Team Counter is also available. I'd rather see Team Dual Attack.

    Edit: Never mind. It got changed to Mirror Attack.
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    Thanks devs!! Made Dystopia so I'll focus on that and getting Baron from 9 to 10. I may also raise the skill levels of Medusa/Hades, but the jury is still out on that one.
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    Well at least it is something I don't have ! thanks

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    Count me in as being happy for this one. Would like to get Dystopia to 5-6, and after that I don't know. One thing I will say, we haven't had Share the Wealth in a while, and I'd definitely like to work on that for Strength and Hydra if the opportunity were to arise.
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