pIf you have skills like Mirror Attack, Parry, Stop, Paralyze, Sleeping Powder, etc. then...

I like to initiate Mirror Attack and randomly (or intentionally on mid or side) tap the screen nonstop with both hands 3-4 fingers each dropping coins. 5 if u have android and dont close game or swipe to refresh whenever you do it..but yeah. Tap constantly until your skill time runs out. Though several will fall off, you want 30 coins or 10 coins? depending on your team, if u nub then this isnt a great technique, but if u have at least 3000 hp and 3000 hp you'll be fine.

downsides? If your in the middle of doing it in an arena quest, and without knowing it yet the next round has skill seal or another like it then all skills will be stopped and u get hurt. So its good to check in case after every round. not many have skill seal so it'll easily be memorized and start again.

When sleeping bombs im arena quest fall off the sides, if all current opposing monsters are sleeping, lasts about 10 secs, then tap, tap, tap. howeverr any sleeping monster will wake up and their attack count will start dropping again if one of your monsters attacks it.

I am an average player, but hard quests are easy. Just for fun I like to beat times, and let monsters attack me till a skill cube drops. maybe can be useful if Astromichron (stop-10 secs), Tortoise (parry 10 secs). but usually u get stupid green bird or soul steal ;-;. i cri erry tiem. IGN: PeeJay Lv51. If you see me in ally selection for quests lezbefwinds.