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Thread: Light Novel Licensing List for Catching Up

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    Default Light Novel Licensing List for Catching Up

    Considering this is a Sega crossover game about a licensed brand you may or may not be familiar with all the characters, I put a quick reference for the light novels involved and the companies that publish it in North America.
    Anime licensed likely on Crunchy Roll to stream episodes. It is easier to watch the Aniplex ones this way because their DVD/Blu Ray pricing is expensive.

    If something is unlicensed, you could find translations online. I am not linking them here. Light novels have been gaining more traction lately thanks to Yes Press' efforts, I can see them officially translated in the future.

    Title Anime Novel Manga
    Sword Art Online YES (Aniplex) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
    Accel World YES (VIZ) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
    A Certain Magical Index YES (Funimation) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
    Black Bullet YES (Sentai) YES (Yen Press coming soon) YES (Yen Press coming soon)
    Shakugan no Shana YES (Funimation) OoP (VIZ only two volumes translated) OoP (Viz cancelled after volume 6)
    Toradora! YES (NIS America) NO YES (Seven Seas)
    Ro-Kyu-Bu! NO (Sentai relinquished home video rights) NO NO
    Durarara!! YES (Aniplex, but watch on Crunchy Roll due to lacking home release) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
    Irregular at Magic Highschool YES (Aniplex) YES (Yen Press coming soon) NO
    Strike the Blood YES (Discotek home release coming soon) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
    Oreimo YES (Aniplex) NO YES (Dark Horse)
    Boogiepop YES (RightStuf) OoP (Seven Seas published 4 novels) OoP (Seven Seas)
    Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan OoP (Anime Works) NO NO
    Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl YES (NIS America) NO NO
    Spice and Wolf YES (Funimation) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
    Kino's Journey YES (Section 23, former ADV Films) OoP (Tokyopop published 1 volume) NO
    Golden Time YES (Sentai) NO YES (Seven Seas coming soon)
    Pet Girl of Sakurasou YES (Sentai) NO NO
    Devil is a Part Timer YES (Funimation) YES (Yen Press) YES (Yen Press)
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    Dokuro-Chan? My interest has peeked that little bit more:

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    I had no idea light novels were published in the west, I may have to check if anyone is releasing them in Europe. I'd certainly like to read the rest of the story in "Irregular at Magic Highschool" and some others.
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