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Thread: So about the European release...

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    Default So about the European release...

    Personally I can deal with a digital-only release for the EU version of the game, since I buy most of my games digitally anyway. But in the Americas the game is now getting a special bonus soundtrack CD, for physical versions only. Since the EU isn't getting a physical version, it suggests we may not get the soundtrack either.

    What bugs me is not only the fact that the EU versions almost always cost more than the US version, but also that we often get a vanilla download version of the game without any extra's. Simply put, they're the worst version of the game you can buy.

    Typically, retail versions are favored over digital versions. If both versions exists, expect to see retail versions which are not only priced lower than the digital version, but also contain exclusive content. I can see the reasons for that, even if I don't like it. However, seeing how the EU is digital-only, I'd expect it should make things easier as there's no need for retailer-exlusive deals. In other words, I hope we see Sega do something special for the EU digital version to make up for the lack of physical version. Including a digital version of the bonus soundtrack CD for example would hardly be too much too ask for, in my opinion.

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    is this an animoo? i read about those. right to left that is, haha, get it?

    ah well


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