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Thread: How to get out of pressure?

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    Default How to get out of pressure?

    Hello everyone.

    I started this game last week and I found it very fun. I've been trying to get into this and blazblue. I went online the other day to practice but the second match I did the person played Shana and got a double perfect on me. He just kept attacking me constantly and everything I tried didn't work so I got very discouraged because I just didn't know what I could of done. I play Asuna and to be completely honest I'm not entirely sure how the armor moves work in this game, I'm not sure how to do anything vs Shizuo's AB move with what seems to be infinite armor :O

    But back to the Shana match. He kept attacking me relentlessly, I tried to attack back on wakeup, jump, backdash, block, AB, 2AB, forward AB. I literally tried all options that I could think of but I simply got destroyed xD. This seems to be my problem when I get pressured in these games.

    Combo's and such are never a problem for me, I've completed all ssf4 trials and aaround 280/330 kof trials with ease, so things like execution are not an issue. I just never know how to get out of pressure. Any advice?

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    yeah i like combos too cuz im usually hungry. mmm.

    btw do you know if this used to be a magna?


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