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Thread: Valkyria Chronicles 3 with English subtitles (not complete)

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    Default Valkyria Chronicles 3 with English subtitles (not complete)

    So I know that the third installement of the Valkyria Chronicles wasn't officially released over in the west so most of us never really got the chance to play it.

    These last couple of days however, I've found some guy on Youtube playing through the game using a fan made english patch. While it's not perfect it does get the job done.

    He even went out of his way to translate some of the (in the patch not translated) DLC missions which is actually pretty cool and he's also showing off the different Endings and the branching story events.

    So yeah, I though you guys might want to check that out. It's actually a pretty decent video series.

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    If they released VS 2 and 3 on disc over here, it would be a dream. Really good job on the translation btw.
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