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Thread: Some problem with Steam Controller

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    Question Some problem with Steam Controller

    There was a problem that I can not handle. A week ago, when connected via the "big picture" to adequately manage the Steam controller. Now the button "A" does not work (or not work as "A"). With some other buttons have the same problem. Just before the button displayed as "A" Y "and so on. Now they can be displayed as" 03 "," 04 ".
    Has anyone encountered a similar problem, and whether there are ways to solve it?
    Just threw the controller settings to the default. It did not help.

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    I think it's because the Steam Controller is functionally a DirectInput controller, and VC was built for XInput controllers only, over a year before the Steam Controller had a public release. I'd say it's highly probably LittleStone didn't have access to a Steam Controller devkit either considering how low-key development of the port was.
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    ...hey i have no probs with the steam controller, maybe because its patched, or maybe your controller is broken or something else, low battery or?
    Try my config if you want, but i do not uploadet it yet... i will do that this week end... if you find configs from me, its ever cool name is mickschen too...
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