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Thread: UI error, "To Kil"l showing enemy's current HP

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    Default UI error, "To Kil"l showing enemy's current HP

    I bought VC on Steam a few days ago. Love the game, have been playing it nonstop. Though, earlier today I noticed a bug when I was trying to use a flamethrower for the first time. "To Kill" was saying 1 when one shot with the flamethrower was not enough to kill the target. The calculations were all correct as to how much damage I was actually doing, but the "To Kill" number was wrong.

    I verified the game cache on Steam, shut down and restarted my PC a few times, and now I am encountering another (much more alarming) bug. My "To Kill" number is equaling the current HP of the enemy! Not sure what to do, tried reinstalling the game on Steam but the issue persists.

    Update 1: I think I found the source of the glitch, though I have no idea how to fix it. I think the problem is "sysdata.dat" inside the "savedata" folder. If I use an earlier version of the file, or remove it altogether and let the game regenerate a new one, I get all different results (though none are correct.) Talking about just the flamethrower: sometimes "To Kill" doesn't show, other times it shows with "??", other times with "01", when always it should take a handful of shots to kill the target.

    The ONLY thing I can think that I did to cause this error is early on in the game, when I couldn't find out how to delete individual saves while in-game, so I manually went and deleted the save files ("playdata001.dat") though I didn't see any glitches until now (30+ play hours after that.)

    Update 2: Another player confirmed he manually backs up and deletes individual saves as well and experiences no issues, so deleting individual saves probably did not cause the error.

    I checked the file contents of the different versions of "sysdata.dat" that I tested and the strange thing is that they are all the same even though I experienced different behavior when I used different versions of the file.

    I still think the error originates from the "savedata" folder/subfolder. The save files themselves may be the problem, but I certainly don't want to start the game from scratch to test that theory.
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