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Thread: Less than 1% of users are keeping the mobile industry afloat

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    Default Less than 1% of users are keeping the mobile industry afloat

    AKA Whales

    Getting your mobile game to the top of the app charts isnít easy. Sometimes itís the simplest ones that become an instant hit.

    For that reason, creators often use a free-to-play model, allowing users to play a good chunk of the game before having to pay for access to additional levels or features. However, thatís risky business because there is no guarantee that the users will ever pay.

    A new report is highlighting that risk, showing that almost half of all the revenue generated in mobile gaming comes from just 0.19 percent of users.

    That means the other 99.81 percent of users arenít worth anything money-wise to the creators. Of course, high user numbers are never bad and advertising also plays a key role in generating cash but itís the people who play the games that dictate the success.

    Of the 0.19 percent who are spending money, very few of these are doing it often; 64 percent are making just one paid in-game purchase per month, while itís just 6.5 percent making five or more paid in-game purchases, with the average spend per player being $24.33.

    This actually doesn't sound very good for mobile gaming if only the whales are what's keeping them from sinking.
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    It's no surprise. There's so many games that follow this f2p model, that people can simply switch between games while they're waiting too.

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    It's always been like this. That's kinda why they're not really a good thing to invest in, but can make a lot of monies.

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    Explains why monster gear is being shut down. Soab.

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    3D Realms and Apogee Software are making new indie game.


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