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Thread: Valkyria Chronicles as we know it is DEAD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clesarie View Post
    Theres such thing as beating a dead horse. Not every game needs to be turned into a yearly outing or even a huge series.
    Definitely agreed. Games such as Uncharted have certainly already peaked and are becoming redundant, it has definitely overstayed its welcome.

    But VC is not one of them, there's so much that can still be done with the series and the IP still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamnedBones View Post
    I'm not a fan of the direction they went with for Azure Revolution, so I can relate to what you're saying, OldytroN. Anyway, I think you should buy VC on PS4 not only to support the franchise but to send SEGA the clear message that you want more Valkyria Chronicles.
    Yeah, let him feed more of his hard-earned money so he can feel even more deceived when Sega next launches an android JP-only browser-tier game because it's all the rage going on right now and we know how desperate Sega is since those Persona 4 pachinko machines.
    Quote Originally Posted by QuietBomb View Post
    I hate these sort of rant threads. VC is most definitely not dead, especially given the fact SEGA are actively seeking the views of the SEGA fanbase on the release of VC: Remaster:

    I genuinely believe we're in the midst of a SEGA renaissance here folks. Believe.
    As far as we're concerned, it is. Sega rep explicitly stated there's literally no plans for even the crapola spin-off in the west. "We don't rule out" is the buzzword for scamming the fans with the latest remaster so they can milk a near decade-old game and run off with the loot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Clesarie View Post
    I don't get it. 3 games in a series is enough. Chronicles has had enough and concluded why do you need more? We've not even gotten the 3rd game stateside still complain about that instead.
    It's not a movie or not a book. Games evolve, technology allows for much better iterations and gameplay. There's no reason to end something good going as long as there's a progress and unique quality in it. VC had that.

    We DID complain about that for years. Guess what happened. Stop your non-sense.

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    I have not played Revolution to its completion, so I would appreciate no spoilers on the matter, but all I can say is thus far into the game the Valkyria in this new universe are an utter disappointment when compared to the awesomeness they represented in the original game (though I still think the whip in VC2 was a really dumb idea).

    Brunhilde, while certainly my favorite character of the series, has absolutely nothing on Selvaria or Alecia when it comes to coolness other than her looks. Especially the lame "superpower" and her other notable problem ><.

    I like the game, but I loved the game more when we all still thought it was a Prequel and Brunhilde was going to be Selvaria's mother. The spin-off just ruins everything about the Valkyria. That is my biggest problem right now apart from the lack of playable characters and the fact that, at least as far as I've gotten into the game, it does not appear (though I severely hope I am wrong) that we are going to get our own Alecia this time around.

    The game is good, and the story enjoyable for what it is, but I can't really forgive what they did to our Valkyria. Selvaria would trounce Brunhilde any day of the week.

    I really hope the massive amount of hate the game seems to be getting doesn't hurt the series. Would much rather see them remaster 3 (more playable Selvaria DLC) and give us more lore on the original VC world (and heaven forbid, a Selvaria game with Imp vs Gallia muliplayer).

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