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Thread: Future direction of Valkyria series

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    Default Future direction of Valkyria series

    The recent release of VC: Remaster and the forthcoming release of another chapter in the series Valkyria: Azure Revolution has got me thinking about the future direction of the Valkyria franchise. It's a series that's ripe for major expansion, using real world history as inspiration for future games. In Azure Revolution you have a conflict between the small nation of "Jutland" and the "Rus Empire". Hmm, subtle. Of course Jutland in real life is the main part of Denmark on the European landmass bordering Germany while Rus is, well..... you can guess that.

    But it's been said that this latest title is in its own separate universe, distinct from the main VC canon but it could be argued what we're seeing here is a conflict in a new (or rather old since this takes place in the 19th century), previously unseen part of Gallia.


    The "Europa" we've been seeing so far is Western Europa and that there's more to the north and east of the map presented above, ie, "Jutland" to the north (possibly in sector "G" of the map) and "Rus Empire" in the east. This raises the tempting prospect of a future Valkyria title where the "East Europan Imperial Alliance" (aka, Germany) is defeated and divided between the Atlantic Federation (NATO) and the Rus Empire and we see a sort of Cold War setting play out. I'd look forward to that.

    Though I'd also like to someday see a Valkyria Chronicles: Modern Warfare, set in an alternate 2016 Europa with a similar gameplay but with UAV's, multi-role fighter aircraft, gunships, missile launchers, ship mounted laser systems and special ops units. All cell-shaded of course. But no nukes obviously since they have their own WMD's, the Valkyrur.

    This is just a speculation/wish thread above all else so don't take it too seriously. Knowing SEGA they'll do something to the series to mess it all up anyway.

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    i hope the future direction if forward for this series. it looks cool, smells cool, wait. Mmm smells good man


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