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Thread: Interesting Valkyria Chronicles remastered survey

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    Post Interesting Valkyria Chronicles remastered survey

    Sega has done another survey this time its focused on the recent release of valkyria chronicles remastered. Once you reach 72% theres a question about what game would you want to see localized or ported within the Valkyria series.

    Ps: This is not a long survey its actually quick. Will this survey bring good things? Only time will tell i hope. Spread the word.

    Survey Link:

    Found about the survey by source:
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    Here's where you can write a request for localization/ports of other Valkyria series titles.
    We aren't going to pretend that's not why you are filling out this survey
    At least they realize what's it about. I didn't buy it as I don't own a PS4 but bought everything else, I guess I was entitled enough to fill it in.

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    I'm game. I certainly made clear for my desire for a port of VC3. The one game I wanted to play more than Revolution...

    Though I also put that this game could seriously use some DLC characters *cough*Selvaria*cough* and some Brunhilde DLC missions (like Behind her Blue Flame)...


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