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Thread: SEGA After Burner Climax Entercard Reader (Error 11)

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    Default SEGA After Burner Climax Entercard Reader (Error 11)

    Hi to all,

    I have a Sega After Burner Climax FREE PLAY Arcade machine....
    I have installed the machine after being separated to parts for moving from one place to another.
    Now, after installing it with an ENTERCARD READER it shows the (ERROR 11).
    I have downloaded the manual of the machine and searched for the problem but a cam up with nothing.
    If you can look at the manual (CLICK HERE) the instructions stipulated in pages 15& 16 doesn't apply to my machine, therefore cannot find the parts listed in those pages.

    Finally, If you can give me any help here i will be grateful.


    V Yards

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    you should probably contact sega amusments or try at a arcade forum with people that specialize in it but who knows someone may know here best of luck


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