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    Hi SEGA Fans. I'll try not to make mistakes when writing in English. Forum with sonic was closed by hosting due to lack of profits from the maintenance of our website . I created page again under a new name . Of course, for the maintenance of the pay out of my pocket and I do not take any profit from the conduct of this page . I run it just because I 'm a big fan of the blue hedgehog. I am writing this because I want to SEGA knew of the existence of such a site and if he had any concerns or questions about how the board works then I would ask that sent me a message at this e-mail : . I will answer as soon as I can and will act as needed.

    Only for SEGA

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    Nie spodziewałem się że cie tu znajdę. Man, the intenet is so small place.

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    Woa! What a amazing page, good job! Will be there any English section nextgen?
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    Thank you for ask. Our page is small and other pages abroad are very very better than ours page but if you would like English section... Our page is for Polish fans and really sorry but we don't create this section.

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    cool page, i cant speak polish, but are you driving sonic racing transformed on steam? I think i know your name

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    Yeah mickshen i know you too. I have you on steam. We play Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed together and talk a lot time ago.


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