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    Hello im sorta new to the game, have been playing about a week i was told to make account here for any help or questions. so does anyone know the quickest way to lvl up? ive been doing a lot of contracts which doesn't seem to be that bad. however im sure there might be a faster way. another thing is ive had trouble looking for items in player shops. do i need to use Japanese text?

    Thank you guys! <3

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    Whoever told you to register here of all places has really bad sense of humor. Biggest hubs for PSO2 players are PSO-World and PSO2 subreddit. This place only gets visited by people who are either salty over lack of NA release or just bored (like me).

    Anyway, the fastest and most accessible way to level up is Emergency Quests, but you should focus on things like unlocking all zones, subclass and other stuff like that first. As for searching for items, you should use Japanese names. Item translation thingy sometimes gives suggestions if you type in English name, but it's awfully unreliable.


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