Have you played Mario Kart GP DX before? Never heard of it? Interested in seeing some footage from the game? You came to the right place...

I am, in short, obsessed with this game. The game has 4 different modes, (primarily being Grand Prix mode AND National Battle (Japan only).

So now.. What is National Battle?

National Battle – This game mode is exclusive for the Japanese version. Basically it pits racers against other people around Japan. You start at the “bottom” (Okinawa) and work your way through all the prefectures of Japan (its 47, but for the game they separate a few to make it 50). It matches people of equal skill to battle it out.

1st place finish gives you 100 points which clears that prefecture.
2nd place finish gives you 50 points.
3rd place finish gives you 40 points.
4th place finish gives you 30 points.

Note: You need 100 points to clear any prefecture / area.

If you are able to clear all 50 areas / prefectures then you are given a congrats screen and unlock a secret kart. There are 3 secret karts you can unlock this way.

Occasionally, you will be challenged to a one-one battle with a tougher opponent. They pick the track and everything. If you win, you get to choose from 3 chests which each have a different coin prize.

Ranking system:

10-1 Bronze*

1-5 Silver*

6-15 Gold*

16-20 Rainbow* I have Achieved MAX level! Level 20!

I have over 200 battles of the National battle on my youtube channel. I have also played through all of the cups (50cc/100cc/150cc/150cc mirror) using ALL the characters and ALL the items in the game (there is 100!)

If you want to see some gameplay of the game, please check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ninjagaijin

If you have any questions about the game, etc, please post!! Also I am always looking for more fans of the arcade so if you yourself have or plan to play it, post! If you have your own youtube channel that has gameplay of it, please post!

FYI: I live in Japan, I have lived here for the past 6 years. Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!