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Thread: Daytona Reloaded to be revealed at IAAPA 2016.

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    Default Daytona Reloaded to be revealed at IAAPA 2016.


    I'm sure everyone here has played or at least heard of SEGA's Daytona USA series. Wether you played 1 or 2 (or Racing Classic) in the Arcades or you've bought the 2011 360/PS3 Release. I think long time fans of SEGA's Arcade Racers will be glad to know that SEGA has brought the license back to arcades with Daytona 3 Championship USA. A brand new game in the series, that will be shown at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention in 2 weeks, on November 15th.

    I look forward to just what this may have in store.
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