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Thread: Is this game really that bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monobear View Post
    implying Sonic 4: Episode 2 and All Stars Racing: Transformed were good
    ...They aren't? I can kinda understand where you're coming from with Episode II, although I personally found enjoyment out of it despite it being severely flawed, but Transformed? I thought it was pretty universally agreed upon that ASRT was a good racer? What didn't you like about it?
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    Why would you need to know this? lol


    Well, I personally didn't like Transformed very much because of the whole "transform" gimmick. I only really found the car to be fun to play with. I thought the plane felt too slow (despite being faster, lol) and founded the boat awkward to control. I also thought the campaign was really frustrating because of the star system, since you needed to play challenges in higher difficulties to earn more stars. Wasn't a big fan of the roster or the tracks (though I will say they looked great, graphically) and my favorite part of the first games, the All Stars moves, weren't as fun to use as they were before, so the game came off as a disappointment to me.

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    Put it this way. I replay Sonic Generations often to this day. The game while not perfect is still as good as I remember it especially on PC where a semi-decent rig can run it at 60 FPS.

    Sonic Lost World on the other hand, even with an easily accessible PC version now available. I barely touch it. Slowing Sonic down is fine but slowing him down to a near useless locked speed versus another awkwardly locked speed does not improve the controls, highly mechanical parkour that is awkward and slows you down does not improve the controls. This is a game that is basically near impossible to speed run except when you are abusing the oddly designed spindash in the game.

    This game is neither as good as the Adventure games nor is it as good as the boosting games. It is kind of just meh. It doesn't control great which was the main selling point of the game, many of the stages stop you dead in your tracks to fight enemies and it has 1 gimmick stage in particular that absolutely brings you to absolute frustration and stops you dead in the middle of the game (the snowball) and another ice level that makes the controls worse. The game's music also isn't great by Sonic game standards, and towards the end of the game, it feels like they just couldn't be bothered to finish it as evidenced by the reusing of the first level's assets and then by the cutback lava level with the boss rush and reusing of the underwater stage for one of the acts. The fact that there are a few random unlocked bonus stages also makes me wonder if more was planned for this but it was canned.

    In some ways it feels like a poor man's Mario Galaxy and Mario 2D especially at the end of the game, also this game's 2D stages are a huge step back from Generations, trading pacing for arbitary and awkward platforming. It takes the main complaint about Colours (the blocky platforming), an otherwise great game and amplifies the problem x10.

    The only good thing I can say about SLW, is the art style around the Badniks is a near perfect creation of how they looked in 2D, translated into 3D, and the game is full of great animation and character.
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    -the homing attack is butchered. you have the ability of homing attacking enemies at once, but it just feels tacky and awkward. it's really better to just homing attack enemies one by one; flows more naturally. and while you can still homing attack enemies one by one in this game, it feels awkward and slow. there's also this new kind of homing attack where sonic does a kick, but it feels tacky as well. it's just a homing attack with a kick at the end; who cares? there are times when you have to use that kind of homing attack, but the game never makes it clear when you should use it instead of the regular homing attack. if you slip up and use the regular homing attack at the wrong time, you'll get hit, and since the game doesn't make it clear for you, it feels like a cheap shot.

    -the double jump is butchered as well. in sonic colors, sonic was still able to attack enemies when double jumping. when he double jumps in this game, he's completely vulnerable to attacks. like, what? a single jump can attack enemies, but a double jump doesn't? stupid af.

    -jumping breaks momentum.

    -parkour is wonky.

    -didn't you have to control the wisps with the gamepad's touch screen at first instead of just the control stick? i can easily see how terrible that must have been.

    -that act where sonic turns into a snowball is atrocious.

    -and yeah, the story sucks. tails is too whiny, orbot and cubot are annoying, the deadly six suck, etc
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