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Thread: Is this game really that bad?

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    I am not played this game, but I watch gameplays to this games, and I would like to play for PC. I do not know you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monobear View Post
    implying Sonic 4: Episode 2 and All Stars Racing: Transformed were good
    ...They aren't? I can kinda understand where you're coming from with Episode II, although I personally found enjoyment out of it despite it being severely flawed, but Transformed? I thought it was pretty universally agreed upon that ASRT was a good racer? What didn't you like about it?

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    Why would you need to know this? lol


    Well, I personally didn't like Transformed very much because of the whole "transform" gimmick. I only really found the car to be fun to play with. I thought the plane felt too slow (despite being faster, lol) and founded the boat awkward to control. I also thought the campaign was really frustrating because of the star system, since you needed to play challenges in higher difficulties to earn more stars. Wasn't a big fan of the roster or the tracks (though I will say they looked great, graphically) and my favorite part of the first games, the All Stars moves, weren't as fun to use as they were before, so the game came off as a disappointment to me.

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