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    In the future when I have my own place I would like to buy a Sega Arcade board. Which is the best model with the best games. I am hoping there are some knowledgeable people here. Also which would be the easiest to set up?

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    I am far from an Arcade expert but I think the Model 2 is good as it has games like Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally,Daytona USA, House of the Dead and so much more.
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    sega naomi 1 and 2

    it had virtua fighter 4, dead or alive 2, 18 wheeler, crazy taxi, initial D, jambo safari, virtua tennis, marvel vs capcom 2 , VOOT, HOTD2 and powerstone and it also had some good shmup's only 1 i can name right now is border down. Model 2 is a close second for me though and i think model 2 had 4 different boards and i believe they still made games for it even when model 3 was out.


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