Hi everyone. This time, I'll talk about my experience racing on the Adder's Lair track (Time Attack mode) in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U version). Adder's Lair is a thrilling course, it's definitely one of my favorite tracks in the game. At the start is a small ramp, one of two boating ramps. It takes concentration when approaching them, because they can be easy to miss. I thought that it was pretty cool to be able to ride the boat on the lava. At the plane area, I couldn't help but notice the giant dinosaur in the tunnel. When I was younger, I used to collect dinosaurs. Of course, they were the toy versions. In the beginning, I dodged the Adder's Lair dinosaur by flying to the right of it, which is the easier route. After a while, I thought that I could save time by flying to the left of it. The problem was that it was blocking the left side of the tunnel. Then I spotted a small opening along the left wall, with a rock pillar just to the right. I figured that I wouldn't be able to fly through the opening normally. By drifting though, I could shift the wings to a vertical position and I could fit through the opening. It was not an easy learning curve, I really struggled at first and I was wondering if I was wasting my time. However, the more I practiced, the more I noticed that there was more room for error than I initially thought. This ended up becoming a valuable shortcut for me. To take full advantage of it, you need at least a level 1 drift boost at the end of the drift. The Transform Ring jump doesn't have to be a high jump, I wanted one that was just high enough to perform 4 stunts. Since the course curves to the right, it's important to be leaning in the right direction on the jump. On the race car, I saw the volcano erupting in the distance which is responsible for the fires on the track. As long as you're boosting, you can drive through the fires without losing speed. At the next fork in the road, going left is the faster option. The big black knight kind of looks like a boss character in another Sonic game. Then again, I guess the giant skeleton holding the blue fires does as well. After going left at the fork, the big challenge was getting one drift boost and one stunt on a very tough slope. I had to use the drift boost and then perform a stunt right afterwards. It almost feels like doing the stunt while still on the tail end of the slope, but it only feels that way. If the vehicle starts to bounce before that, it's better not to do any stunts and use the drift boost to help you recover. One of the cool features of Adder's Lair is the snake heads, it was a great experience getting to jump through their mouths. I got a triple stunt here, sometimes it's remarkable just how many stunts you can fit into a jump. I was able to get onto the lower track almost immediately after the snake head jump, and this is where I used my boost. After transforming from the race car to the boat, this is where it got tricky. On the drift to the left, I wanted to maintain my drift and perform a stunt at the same time while setting up to go over the second small ramp. The problem was that I was holding the A button to keep drifting, and the control pad to the left enabled the stunts. Using my right hand was not an option, so I maintained contact on the A button with my left thumb and with the same finger, I was just able to press the right button of the control pad to perform a barrel roll and keep drifting. After the ramp jump, there is a small ridge in the lava where I could get an extra stunt. The last part of the course is not easy, especially when you're going for a milestone. At least the drawbridge is up, that made it a little easier. I had to do 4 stunts and then drift to the left and then to the right to the finish line. Position is vital, this can be a good place to improve on a previous time. Ultimately, I achieved my goal of breaking 1:20.000, beating the Expert Ghost by more than 3 seconds. I'm proud of this accomplishment, especially considering that Adder's Lair is the longest course in Time Attack. - Super Prower