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Thread: The Exquisite Genius That is Azure Revolution's Western Platform Decisions.

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    Default The Exquisite Genius That is Azure Revolution's Western Platform Decisions.

    Gentlemen, I know some of you are a bit irate about Azure Revolution going to Xbone instead of PC after how much the PC version of VC1 sold, but calm down for but a moment:

    They've managed to recreate for us PC gamers the avante-gard art piece that was Valkyria Chronicles 2 going to PSP instead of PS3. You should all be grateful that Sega is allowing us to experience such a masterpiece occur once more for this IP for all the new fans that missed out on PSPGate back in 2009. Sega is truly amazing, and I think the rest of you should appreciate this for what it is.

    ...But seriously, Where's PC? #SteamRevolution
    #SteamRevolution - Bring Valkyria Revolution to PC as a follow-up to the first game's 900K and counting PC sales!

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    I'm sure the PC version will be announced eventually. They're probably looking for a competent studio to handle the port before outright announcing it to the public. Give them some time.
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    I don't have a PS4 and won't at this rate since there's a grand total of ONE exclusive that I want to play on it. I'd rather have a game on PSTV instead which I already have.

    PC being treated to late ports is nothing new, at least it's not impossible anymore like it used to.


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