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Thread: New Faction to Series: The Pacific Shogunate

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    Default New Faction to Series: The Pacific Shogunate

    I have an idea for a new faction to the Valkyria series: the Pacific Shogunate, a far eastern nation bearing resemblance to a blend of Feudal Era and WWII Era Japan. They are ruled by Shogun Tetsuya Minamori and are often warlike, having a long history of civil wars. They field both male and female soldiers on the battlefield and wear light armor but are well trained in the ways of war and follow the code of bushido and the doctrine of death before dishonor. They would rather die than surrender or face capture; even going so far to commit suicide in case of defeat.

    Shogunate troops wear headgear based on their type: Scouts wear headbands; Shock Troopers, Armored Soldiers, and Support Gunners wear Samurai Helmets; Lancers wear jingasa hats, Engineers wear goggles and bandanas, and Snipers wear ninja hoods. In addition to guns, some soldiers, usually shock troopers, snipers, and engineers, are armed with katana swords and may charge towards foes to deal a powerful slice in close combat.

    In addition to the standard foot soldiers, the Shogunate has a elite corps of troops: militant monks and nuns. Monks and nuns wear only their robes and no armor, but are exceptionally well trained, accurate with their weapons, and fanatical in combat.

    While the Shogunate lacks heavy tanks, they more than make up for it with well trained crews and their light tanks are amphibious; they can float across water and launch attacks from where their enemies often aren't expecting.

    Some Valkyria have migrated as far east as Shogunate lands and years later, some serve as truly elite soldiers of both their standard troops and their monks and nuns. However, like the other troops of the Shogunate, the show little discrimination in combat. They treat Darcsen just like any other of their enemies.

    One of the most powerful of the Shogunate's Valkyria is Admiral Hoji Kunimitsu, supreme commander of the Pacific Shogunate Navy and the genius behind their amphibious light tanks. He often goes on shore to strike enemies with his powers, including a Gatling laser. But he also can manipulate water. Other notable shogunate military leaders are Daimyo-General Ruru Kukihara and Grand Monk Sinjid Nobokatsu.

    I figured they should appear in Valkyria Revolution as one of the enemy armies.
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