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    I still think SEGA Amusements (or whatever branch does arcade games) should do a future arcade game: Brave Firefighters 2 (I wonder how I can contact them). This game has even more realistic fire effects than its predecessor such as fire damage to environment. Brave Firefighters 2 is still about extinguishing fires and rescuing victims in a race against time while minding hose pressure.

    However, new features include points where you choose a path to take (taking too long and a random direction is chosen), action points where you have to perform and action such as extinguishing a certain fire, pressing the start button rapidly within a time limit, or pressing the start button at the correct time as success or failure will determine the path taken. Also, in 2p mode, aiming the two hoses close together while in stream mode will result in streams that are more effective than normal, ideal for fighting stronger fires. The time bonuses and time powerups are still retained, though this game will span 6 stages, each with a "boss" fire. Also, certain points requires you use a fire extinguisher, which drops pressure as it's used but it's necessary if you lose the hose in a scripted event or if you need to fight an electrical fire or a fire around delicate materials.

    The game will have two cases (set of missions) each composed of three scenes. 1st case is an accident starts a fire at a fireworks factory that spreads to the neighborhood. The firefighters must save the workers as well as the manager. After saving the manager, the building begins to collapse and the personnel are evacuated. They must combat the fires that have already spread to the neighborhood and save victims from the blaze.

    The 2nd case, which is harder than the 1st case, shifts to the computer and robotics research labs. A severe fire was started by some fireworks from the 1st case, some of which ignited volatile materials and others that disabled the fire suppression system. The mayor was visiting and the firefighters were at the factory. They need to save the scientists and the mayor from the fires and malfunctioning machinery.

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    Second that!!!
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