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    Default Reworked Dream Roster

    Okay, here is a reworked roster, which simply replaces MeeMee, Pudding, Reala and Gum with Sonic characters and adds a few newcomers:

    Tails (on the Yellow Tornado)
    Dr.Eggman (on his car from Emerald Hill)
    Shadow (on the Black Arms motorbike)
    Metal Sonic
    Silver (requested by that Sonic character poll) (NEW)
    Blaze (requested by that Sonic character poll) (NEW)
    Vector, Charmy and Espio (in the same vehicle) (NEW)
    Sticks (to represent Sonic Boom, and it's my roster anyway) (NEW)
    Ulala (riding an alien shaped ship)
    Amigo (on a Maracas car)
    Nightopian (riding NiGHTS as plane)
    Jacky Bryant
    BD Joe
    Ryo Hazuki (on the forklift)
    Joe Musashi (phosphorescent)
    Vyse (on the Delphinus)
    Alex Kidd (on his motorbike)
    Gilius Thunderhead (riding a turtle car)
    Billy Hatcher
    ChuChus (on the rocket)
    Space Harrier (riding a stone face-car) (NEW)
    Vectorman (motorbike) (NEW)
    Opa Opa
    WonderBoy (on a skateboard) (NEW)
    Bayonetta (riding an Umbran Armor mech-car) (NEW)
    Daenerys Targaryen (riding Drogon) (guest) (NEW)
    Crash Bandicoot (PS4 guest) (NEW)
    Avatar (Xbox guest)
    Mii (Switch & 3DS guest)
    Quote & Curly (Cave Story, riding a Balrog car) (PC guest) (NEW)


    Beat (JSR Future version)
    Classic Sonic (riding his red car from Drift) (NEW)

    The idea for the game brings back the 4 type of vehicles from ASR: car, monster truck, hovercraft and a non-overpowered bike. I can see some controversy for the inclusion of some characters like Dany and the Cave Story characters.

    I had a lot of fun creating this roster btw.

    Edit: Reworked Dream Roster MKII, plus a friend's suggestions.

    Returning Tracks - ASR Greatest Hits

    Adder's Lair
    Sanctuary Falls
    Rogues' Landing
    OutRun Bay

    Rokkaku Hill
    Lost Palace
    Rampart Road
    Deadly Route
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    No Sakura Wars character?
    No Segata?!

    In all seriousness roster seems kinda... well, bland to me.

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    dude why is danika patrick not in ur list. i probably misspelt her nam, but whatevs. she needs to be in the game



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