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Thread: Sonic 2 Android 6.0.1 Multiplayer crashes!

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    Default Sonic 2 Android 6.0.1 Multiplayer crashes!

    Since updating on Android 6.0.1 the Multiplayer Mode crashes in the stage select screen.
    Both mobiles are on Android 6.0.1 also happens with a friends device which has the same version.
    Is there any method to fix this? This is pretty frustrating cause I played with friends a lot...

    (Sorry 4 the quality I used both phones for the game and had to record with my 3DS.)

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    Hi, did you find a solution?
    I think it became incompatible from Lolipop and up. Today I have a Android Nougat and still unable to play online.
    Tried on 3 diferents devices.
    Looks like sega is aware of the problem, but don't pretend to fix it. The game has more than 2 years without update.
    Maybe we would have a community of online players today.
    Multiplayer provided me a lot of fun on the past. So sad =/


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