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Thread: My final toughts for Future Live VR

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    Default My final toughts for Future Live VR

    Stage 1:

    All 6 pieces of stage music: Really good.
    Encore: Really good. Love to watch it over and over again.

    Stage 2:

    All 6 pieces of stage music: Really good.
    Encore: The music is good, but the performance is ... powerless and feels lethargic.

    Stage 3:

    The music pieces on stage are not that bad, but it don't feel impressed like watching the other 2 stages. Maybe its because I'm not really happy with the audio quality. Its somethimes really hard to recognise the voices at all. Different sound sources are not that discrete like before, which causes that it doesn't feel authentic.

    (I'm using studio headphones by Audio Technica)

    Also the dialoges between the pieces are way to serious for her.

    Encore: Worse than the encore from stage 2. The piece of music is ok. But the show. Again powerless and lethargic. And why the hell is she glitching over the floor most of the time????

    It feels there was not enough time for the perfect finish during the release cycle.

    It would be nice, if there could be some polish to the encores of stage 2 and 3 and to the music of stage 3.


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    I love how well-made Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live is. I love how stunning Miku is when she’s dancing around in VR. I love being able to put myself right in the middle of her concerts. For a traditional Miku game, I’ve got Project Diva X and Future Tone. That’s more than enough Miku gaming to last me months, if not years more. And now, courtesy of Virtual Reality, I have a completely different Miku experience to enjoy.

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    Sometimes lacking choreographies aside regarding encores... I totally loved the game and if they would annouce another season pass, I'd get right into it. Might check freshly released in the west Idolm@ster as well at some point but won't at the current price point (correct me if I'm wrong but I saw the game offers only 3 songs (4 more as paid DLCs) vs. 21 songs in season pass Future Live VR).


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