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Thread: Official Breath of The Wild Thread!

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    Imho I think you get a lot of bang for your buck here. Master quest alone not only adds the gauntlet challenge but offers master mode (hard mode) to the game that adds to replay value of the game. The champions ballad adds a lot of post game content, as you're talking about another 3-6 hours of game time, plus you're getting dozens of new costumes and other loot.
    I'm not denying the bang for your buck, but I know it's 99% likely I won't be making use of the Hard Mode, and I'm not a huge fan of sorta "combat towers" etc. Realistically I would just be doing the Champions Balad, so is just that worth $20? For me, nah.

    If Nintendo had allowed me to purchase the content packs separately I may have done it; for $10 I'd have considered it. $20? Nah.

    Unfortunately, I think with how the joycons work, we're more likely to see a hd version of skyward sword down the road as a bridge gap game. *sigh*, and I DON'T look forward to replaying THAT game. lol.
    Lol I loved Skyward Sword, but I agree that I'd prefer a new installment sooner if it meant forgoing a Skyward Sword Remaster.
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