Hi everyone. Outrun Bay is a bonus track that is playable if you have the bonus edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This post will focus on my racing experience in the Wii U version for that course (Time Attack mode). Outrun Bay is a great addition to the game, I really like the beachside courses and I believe that there is definitely room for similar tracks in a sequel. With the big hill at the beginning, a good start is vital and can grant momentum for the remainder of the lap. Along with the palm trees lining the course, the Sega and Sumo signs are prominently displayed. There are many boats in the bay, but there are also hang gliders and hot air balloons in the sky, so it's not like this course is a no fly zone. At the fork in the road, I preferred to take the beach route and got onto the shoreline. I weaved my way through the rocks, and to prevent a significant drop in speed, this is where I used my boost. When I got close to the first Transform Ring, I noticed something jumping up and down in the water. At first, I thought it was a windsurfer or maybe a U.F.O., and went to see what it was on a separate lap. It was just past the first boat after the Transform Ring. The mystery object in question was actually one of the directional signs, the buoy underneath it, and part of the boundary rope that they were connected to. It's because of a glitch in the game that they jump up and down. Other than being a minor distraction, it doesn't really affect gameplay. Getting back to my main story, after transforming into the boat, there was a lot of room to move in the bay. It really wasn't that easy choosing which route I would take. Ultimately, I felt that traveling down the middle was better than taking the inside route. I used the boat ramps and boost panels to maintain direction. With the boat ramps, I wanted jumps that were just high enough to get the number of stunts that I wanted. However, it's easier said than done. On the last ramp jump, you can actually jump through the boat's mast pole and rigging without getting caught up or knocked down. The last turn might seem insignificant, but I knew that it could be the difference in achieving my goal. I crossed the finish line and broke 1:06.000, which was what I was aiming for. I also beat the Expert Ghost by more than four seconds, which is something that I wasn't expecting to do. - Super Prower