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    I am writing a fanfic about Sonic's and freinds (and enimies) future kids! I will post up the chapters and charictar profile ASAP, but here is a list of charictars that I made (But I may have got carried away):

    Sonic: (is a pimp in the future)

    Sally (divorce when Sonic had an affair) - Rafe
    Mina - Melody
    Blaze (married, but had a divorce when Blaze cheated with Silver, and Sonic cheated with Amy) - Ember
    Amy (married, still is) - Dash, Flash, Crash (triplets) Suger, Dandi (Twins)

    Cream: Ice, Cherry (twins), Skye, Cyla
    Cosmo (seed left behind): Tulip

    Rouge (divorced): Emma, Saffie, Spike (twins)

    Rouge: Midnight, Maria

    Blaze: Gold, Flame

    Cosmo (came back, but Tails just got married): Polla (despite name he is a boy)

    Scourge (dead)
    Fiona (dead): Scarlette

    Miles (Anti-Tails):
    Rosy: Alexander, Payne (despite name she is a girl)

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    Chapter 1:

    For the past five minutes, the blue hedgehog had been thinking the same thing over and over again; this could not be happening to him. It was almost physically impossible, and only happened in fairy tales or stories that people write!

    Yet it was happening, for real, and certainly no illusion. He had pinched himself just to make sure and they were still there, in front of him, throwing him strange looks as if he were insane.
    "… Could you repeat that please?" Sonic's friend Tails spoke, his own voice trembling terribly, and his sapphire eyes almost confused. It was easy to tell that the young fox was thinking the same thing as Sonic himself; that this was totally crazy and could not be true. They were most likely suffering from hallucinations, for it had been a tiring day for the both of them.
    Standing in front of them outside an empty café, with his hands on his hips, the eldest of the group threw Tails a short glare, "We've told you about ten times already," he said in a bossy tone, "Do we have to explain it again?"
    Tails flinched. The eldest of the group sure had a way of intimidating people… "Well… could you explain it a bit more in-depth?"
    "We came from the future, what else do, you need to know?" the eldest snapped, his arms folded across his chest and his face set in an irritated expression. His fur was a brilliant royal blue, only a shade lighter than Sonic's, and his eyes shone an excellent emerald green colour. A small clump of brown, fluffy hair was stiffed up, and he looked if he never bothered to comb it.
    "Bu…bu…the only person we know who can travel in time is Silver," Sonic said, still in disbelief.
    Looking at the group Tails examined each and every one of them, all of them reminding him of someone he knew. Then he gasped so loud that his lungs could have blown up.
    "You're not saying that…you are…"
    "Your kids from the future yes." The eldest snapped. He then looked up at Sonic and said "Hello dad."
    Sonic almost fainted in shock, but he was as stiff as a statue. "Wha..wha…wha!?"
    "My name is Rafe Acorn. I am your 1st son, I am 17, my mother is Sally Acorn. You were due to marry when you had me."
    Sonic shuddered a bit.
    "But then you broke it off when you slept with Mina Mongoose, and you had my sister. Melody, she is 16" Rafe said and pointed towards a female teenage mongoose with sky blue fur, and matching emerald eyes.
    Her ears were rounded much like a mongoose's would be, and she had long purple flowing hair which nearly went down to her waist. She wore a pink t-shirt with a few pizza stains on it, and deep purple trousers. She looked around nervously, one of her eyes out of focus with everything.
    Sonic felt sick, he wanted to throw up. "I'm not…I'm not a…a…."
    "You will be later on" Meldoy replied.
    "Then dad went to marry Blaze the cat and they had…." Rafe continued but he got interrupted by a girl who looked more like a boy.
    "I can introduce myself you know!"
    The girl who looked a bit like a boy (She is not trans, she is a tomboy). Se looked a lot like her mother except that she had her dad's eyes.
    "My name is Ember, and I am 14 years old" Ember said.
    Sonic felt as if he was going to scream and run away. But his legs wont obay him.
    "Then dad had a divorce when he found out Mom was in love with Silver. Mom married Silver, and Dad went on to marry Amy." Ember claimed.
    The instant the word Amy left Ember's lips, Soinc stood up from his chair faster than he ever did. His face was filled with horror. "NO! NO! NO!"
    "And you had 5 kids with her." Ember continued icoring her dads cries. She pointed at 3 purple hedgehogs, that could easily pass a Sonic clone contest, (except that they are purple) "Thoes 3 are, Dash, Smash and Crash. Nobody can tell those 3 apart."
    "I am Dash, that is Smash and that on is Crash, we are all 12" all 3 of them said together.
    "..and they love to confuse people by saying that" Ember replied. Then her voice became icey "And thanks thoe theses three, we wont be in this mess!"
    "Well I'm sorry but we didn't know what that lever would do!" Dash, Smash or Crash seemed to say.
    "I can sesifically rember saying for you not to touch that!" a 2 tailed fox with rabbit ears yelled at the trio, he wearing a sky blue hoodie and jeans looked if he was about to attack them, but another 2 tailed fox with rabbit ears, wearing a lemon yellow blouse, seemingly his twin sister stopped him.
    "Anyway, after you had us you had those 2 twins. Suger and Dandi, they are 9" Dash, Smash and Crash said, pointing at 2 girls who can also pass as a double of Amy, so well Sonic first thought that Amy had been cloned and shrunk down, except they had silver bands rather than gold.
    Sonic can barley speak, he had an unreadable expresson on his face, he felt as if all his bones in his body has been removed. "Are you telling me I become a total pimp!?" He said in a voice below a wisper.
    "Yes you did." Rafe replied.
    "What about the rest of you?" Tails inquired, he too was shocked, he didn't know what he would get.
    The 2 tailed fox with rabbit ears who yelled at the triplets spoke. "My name is Ice, this is my twin sister Cherry. We are both 14, our parents are Tails and Cream."
    Tails' face went very red. "I….I had kids….with Cream?"
    "yes you did Dad, you also had 2 more kids, well 3 if you include Cosmo's." Cherry said.
    Ice pointed at a seederling, who looked remarkably like Cosmo, only much older, she looked around 15.
    "Hi, my name is Tulip." Tulip said, she souned soft, cool and laied back. "Plese don't talk to me a lot, I can get shy."
    "Then Mom and Dad had Skye." Ice said, pointing at a rabbit, that looked more like his mom than his dad. He was weraring a silver t shirt and indigo overalls.
    "Hi, Dad, my name is Skye, I am 12 years old." He said meekly
    "and I am Cyla" a girl that looked a lot like Cherry, said, she was the youngest of the Prower's "and I am 8"
    Sonic who somehow got out of his shock said "But there is still the rest of you." He proclaimed.
    A few bat echinadas walked up to them, and Sonic and Tails at once knew who their parents were. "Hello, my name is Emma." This came from a pink echidna with bat wings, wearing a poka dot skirt, "I am 15 years old and my parents are Knuckles and Rouge." Sonic held back a laugth, he can't imagine how they would react to this. He guessed that the old phrase was true, oppasites attract.
    "I am Saffie, and that is Spike." This came from a green bat, with arms similar to her dad, and she was wearing a blue T-Shirt and yellow trousers, next to her was her twin brother, that looked more or less the same. "We are 12 years old. But when we were 4 , mom and dad had a divorce. Mom later married Shadow and had Midnight" This came from Spike, he poited at a grey hedgeat, who looked almost like his dad, but he had bat wings. "he is 11"
    "Don't talk to him, he can get unplesent when you offend him." Saffie said.
    "And that is Maria." Emma said pointing at a yellow hedgehog, with pure blue eyes wearing a peach coloured T shirt and a red trousers, with black leather shoes, she din't resive her mother's side, but some of her dad. "she is 9"
    Sonic and Tails said nothing.
    Then, a light blue hedgcat came up, he looked very much like Silver, but they saw he had a cat tail.
    "My name is Gold." He said, "my mom and dad is Silver and Blaze. I am 14, and I also have a little brother, Flame, he is 12." He pointed at what looks like a scaled down version of Blaze. He didn't bother to look up.
    An awkward silence, then a small bee, that also looked like a seedling came up, and said quite hyperly "My name is Polla" he said, "my parents are Charmy and Cosmo and I am 6 years old! This is a very weird situation beaing in the past!"
    Tails' eye's widened in shock. He cant believe what Polla had just said, 'Cosmo came back' He thought, 'and I am married to Cream.'
    As if reading his mind Ice said, "She is Okay with you with Mom. She wanted you to be happy, not be depressed for the rest of your life, but that was after she crashed your wedding, the same day she came back, with Tulip."
    Tails gave a small nod.
    "And that leaves you 3." Tails said pointing at 3 foxes. One was a girl, around Ice's age, with blood red fur, and with 3 green fringes, wearing a pure black T-Shirt, hoodie and brown jeans, but she also had blonde hair and Indigo eyes. The other looked almost like Skye, but he had a buck tooth, no rabbit ears and silver hair, which looked odd for a 14 year old. The other looked almost like Ice, also no rabbit ears, but she had pink quills, which made her look odd, she was around 11, she was wearing blue jeans, and a tar black T-shirt, with the word PAYNE on it.
    "I am Scarlett," Scarlett said, it was the red fox who spoke, her voice was poised honey, but she was trying to sound good, "I am 14 years old. My parents…well…err…" Scarlett hesitated as if using the wrong word or syllable would get her killed. "let's say you and your friends and our, parents, me, Alexander's and Payne's. Uhhhh…..dont go on well..."
    "What do you mean?" Sonic inquired
    "ScarlettesparentsareScourgeandFionaandMyparentsan drandPayne'sisMilesandRosyandyeswearefromMoebiusbu twestillloveourparentsnomatterwhat" Alexander said.
    Sonic didn't catch what she had said, but Tails did. His eyes widend.
    "Wait. Let me get this strait. Scouge and Fiona had a kid. So did my anti self and Rosy!?"
    "Yes." Alexander said sourly.
    "But why are you with them!?" Sonic said, after realizing what Scarlette and Alex said.
    "Long story, but don't talk about this to Scarlette, she can burst into tears." Payne said, she too sounded annoyed as if she had to do this a million times, Scarlette looked to the ground as if she remembered something horrible, and depressing.
    A long pause and Sonic and Tails knew they were hiding something, but what? They quickly dissmised the idea.
    There was another long pause. Then Tails spoke. "So, what now?"


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