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Thread: Genesis power cable voltage?

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    Default Genesis power cable voltage?

    Does anyone know what the correct output voltage and output current are for a standard Genesis AC power cord?

    I bought one on ebay. It's just a generic brand, and it works fine but I'm wondering if the voltage/current is too high (it's 10v 850mA) . I don't want to damage the system.

    Also would this work OK on a 32x?

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    I finally found an old Genesis Adaptor. Sorry if you had to wait long.

    Here's what it has as it's 'specs'.

    MODEL: 1602

    INPUT: 120V 60Hz .17W
    OUTPUT: 9V DC 1.2A

    and a Negative Polarity.

    Do Not use the adaptor you have on a 32X! I read somewhere anything else (more) will "fry it".

    If someone else knows for certain... The adaptor I have is from the very first model of the Genesis. However I doubt the newest version (the small one -which I'm going to assume you have) would use a different adaptor.
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    My bad, it's a Genesis 2, forgot to mention that.

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    Genesis 1 is a 9 VDC at 1.2 amps unregulated power supply with a 14.85 volt short circuit voltage as tested with a DMM.The coax barrel connector for the Genesis 1 is a standered 5.5 mm O.D.(Outer Diameter) with a 2.1 mm I.D. (Inner Diameter). Polaritys of this powersupply is + or positive on the outer connector,and - or negitive on the inner connector.

    Note Sega CD one and 2 carry the same polarity as Sega Genesis 1 does.

    Genesis 2 carries the same voltage and amperage as the above but it's connector is different from sister console.It uses a EIAJ coaxal power plug that is somewhat simular to the SNES but is now sold at Radio Shack.
    It's dimentions are 4.0 mm O.D. and 1.7 mm I.D. Polarities are exactly the same as the Genesis 1.

    You can get both of these connectors for these power supplies. I will have the RS part number by tomarrow evening
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