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Thread: Is this game any good? (Fire & Ice)

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    Default Is this game any good? (Fire & Ice)

    Hi there. I am at least somewhat interested in checking out Fire & Ice because it does have the highest reception of all the Boom games. I haven't played the other two Boom games in full, but I did check out the demo for Shattered Crystal and was very unimpressed. It was slow, dull, and all the characters felt too samey. I'm curious to know if this game fixed the major problems of the prequel in a way where if I disliked SC that I might still somehow enjoy this game. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of the game would be much appreciated.

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    I really liked it compared to its two predecessors, actually. Might be the Boom game done well.

    More details to come.

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    It's literally the only good Boom-related game. One I actually completed, although I did complete Rise of Lyric with my time. Whereas I completed Sonic 06 a substantial amount of times...that says a lot.

    But real talk, I actually did like fire and ice, I just wish some of the boss fights were a bit better including the final boss.
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    The final boss is kinda lame with its attacks. The others are more creative.
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