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Thread: New Faction to the series: The Pacific Shogunate

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    Default New Faction to the series: The Pacific Shogunate

    I thought of a new faction to the Valkyria series: the Pacific Shogunate. The Shogunate resembles a blend of feudal era and industrial/WWII Japan. While not huge in size, the Shogunate's forces are well trained and disciplined, following Bushido, the way of the warrior. They field both male and female soldiers of various classes, which are shown by their uniforms and headwear. Often wearing lighter armor than soldiers of other nations, they make up with mobility and stronger shorter range firepower. In addition to standard troops, the Shogunate would field monks and nuns. These are elite troops that wear no armor (easier to kill) but have superior mobility, accuracy, and morale. Furthermore, while the Shogunate lacks heavy tanks, their light tanks are amphibious and have often surprised the enemy in battles. A few of the soldiers and monks/nuns are Valkyria, mainly descendants of those who migrated far east and are more dangerous than normal troops.

    Known Uniforms:
    Scouts: padded armor and military helmets
    Shock Troops: samurai breastplates and samurai helmets
    Lancers: padded armor and jingasa hats
    Engineers: padded armor and headbands
    Snipers: padded armor and hoods

    Notable Shogunate characters:
    Admiral Hoji Kunimitsu: one of the most powerful Valkyria of the Shogunate, despite the fact he is a brilliant naval leader. He is no less deadly on land, with his powers and gatling lasers. He cares little about the Darcsen, he only cares for victory and destroying the enemy. He even has a personal retinue of Valkyria elite soldiers and monks. He often uses the navy to soften up positions before landing the army, with the admiral himself leading the attack.

    General Ruru Kukihara: the field commander of the Shogunate army, known for his honor and discipline. He is a skilled tactician and urges his forces that the way of the warrior is all and death is preferable to dishonor and capture. Several times when some shogunate soldiers were captured, they proceeded to commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner. However, he does not force them to do so and he prefers to minimize civilian casualties in battle.

    Great Monk Sinjid Nobukatsu: the leader of the temple branch of the Shogunate Military, the commander of the warrior monks and nuns. He is a fanatical zealot who speaks little and like the monks and nuns, have taken a vow of poverty in order to hone their combat skills. Unlike the noble Ruru Kukihara, Sinjid insists that the foes will either be converted to the Shogunate's religion or be destroyed, whether it be military or civilian.

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